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Ujenzi plan a Property Management, Letting and selling Firm has combined experience in Managing, Developing, Marketing, and Selling Real estate. We have a proven record of quality service, responsiveness and fiscal responsibility.

Outstanding Staff
Ujenzi plant uses an extensive screening process to select the best-qualified candidates for each position. Our Staff are knowledgeable, hardworking and enthusiastic. We do what we say we will do, and we meet our deadlines. In addition, we have an excellent team of office staff who are on hand to assist our customers in a courteous and professional manner, in accordance with our "customer first approach”

Experienced Property Consultants
Don't choose just any Property manager/Realtor/Agent to take care of your property. Instead, entrust your home/query to Ujenzi Plan. We've helped countless tenants, home owners and investors across Nairobi to find/rent a place or protect their investments.

Our services include:
  1. Management and maintenance of rental units, common services and facilities
  2. Lease administration and tenant relations
  3. Rent, Service charge collection and Banking
  4. Regular accounts and reports

1 Management and maintenance of rental units, common services and facilities

  • Ensure routine maintenance of rental units through regular inspections and follow ups.
  • Ensure routine maintenance of the alarm system and any other infrastructure installed.
  • Advice on renovations plus upgrades on all common areas when required.
  • Outsource and manage for common areas the following services where applicable; security, cleaning, garbage collection, landscaping etc
  • Respond promptly to tenant’s requests for repair or maintenance, consulting the landlord on those to be done on the landlords account

2 Renting, Lease Administration and Tenant Relations

  • Ensure compliance with lease terms
  • Prepare, administer and file lease agreements
  • Conduct annual reviews of rent and service charge and provide updated market advice and recommendations to the landlord
  • Support harmonious relations between the landlord, managers of common services and tenants
  • Ensure smooth exit and handover upon termination
  • Letting Vacancies and Advertising any vacant apartment/House/office block

3 Rent, Service Charge Collection and Banking

  • Invoice tenants for rent and service charge plus receipt all payments
  • Deposit rent and service charges received (less agreed fees) to a specific account(s) provided by the landlord – within 3 days of clearance
  • Initiate default action where rents have not been paid; in accordance with the lease terms and the laws of Kenya
  • Maintain accurate accounts
  • 4-Regular Accounts and Reports
  • Provide monthly accounts
  • Provide quarterly reports on the status and management of the eight apartments; incorporating advice based on market research
  • Assist in statutory returns for the landlord where necessary

4 The Shared / Common Structures, Facilities and Services are:

  • Structures: gate and entrance, guard house, parking, corridors & walkways, landscaped areas, water tanks
  • Facilities and Machinery: alarm system &external lighting.
  • Services: security, cleaning, garbage collection, pest control, landscaping, minor repairs and maintenance etc

Our philosophy has always been to “treat people the way that we expect to be treated.” We take careful consideration when /Managing Renting/Selling to new tenants to ensure that we match their lifestyles to that of existing tenants