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You have finally decided to sell your house. All the necessary details in selling the property have been taken care of, next is setting the price.

Do you start your price High? Low? Average? This is an agony for many sellers. But don’t worry Ujenziplan have got you covered.

In today’s shifting real estate market, where more houses are begin built and showcased into the market. It’s key to price your property at the right price so as to get more clients for your house.


1 Pricing the property above the sale price giving room for negotiations.

2 Pricing the property with the correct price

3 Pricing the property just below the market price



An open house is a crucial component of the home sale process. Start with these tips for staging an open house, but don’t stop there. Potential buyers are likely to inspect all areas of the house. Yes even your drawers, under the mat and closets.


Once you’re settled into your new home, it’s time to make it feel like yours. Try to meet your new neighbors in the first couple of days to build a sense of community. Meeting new people can be tough. Although technology plays a huge part in the way the world operates today, there are some tricks to bringing back traditional means of communication.

1 Provide a positive first impression

Make it a habit to greet your neighbors. Even if you’re eager to unload and unpack, ignoring your new neighbors will send the wrong message. Since it only takes a second for others to form a first impression of you, give your neighbors a smile and wave.

2 Introduce yourself and strike up a conversation within the first couple days

Spare a couple of minutes to meet your neighbors. You don’t have to go around the entire neighborhood, but you should certainly take the time to introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors. Do this right away to avoid making it an awkward introduction later.

Selling property is all about promoting a house/apartment/office as an agent and securing buyer and seller leads which increases your chances of selling. But how is it done?

We talked to Mr Eric Mwanzia of Casa Premier, a Consultant at a Real estate Firm based in Westland’s Nairobi, Kenya who shared his expertise on how to sell faster.

“It becomes twice as important to increase the traffic visiting your property when you're attempting to sell a home in a buyer's market.” Advices Eric Mwanzia.

It's probably also because of the abundance of inventory on the market. In Real Estate this days buyers have too much to choose from and this can be a real problem when the exterior of your home looks like every other home in the neighborhood.

 Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular in the real estate market as it offers a unique experience to audiences that leads to high engagement.

So you’ve got your website up and running, you’re regularly posting on social media and you’ve even got a blog consisting of real estate-related articles — what’s missing?

 Let’s take a look at how YouTube can help your business and the equipment you need to get started.

 Why Use YouTube

  1 Engage Large Audience

 YouTube has over 1 billion users per month, according to , which means that your brand has the capability to reach a wide audience.