Find your house !

Once you’re settled into your new home, it’s time to make it feel like yours. Try to meet your new neighbors in the first couple of days to build a sense of community. Meeting new people can be tough. Although technology plays a huge part in the way the world operates today, there are some tricks to bringing back traditional means of communication.

1 Provide a positive first impression

Make it a habit to greet your neighbors. Even if you’re eager to unload and unpack, ignoring your new neighbors will send the wrong message. Since it only takes a second for others to form a first impression of you, give your neighbors a smile and wave.

2 Introduce yourself and strike up a conversation within the first couple days

Spare a couple of minutes to meet your neighbors. You don’t have to go around the entire neighborhood, but you should certainly take the time to introduce yourself to your immediate neighbors. Do this right away to avoid making it an awkward introduction later.

3 Join a Club

Even if you're not too much into clubs or joining a group, it's a good way to combine your interests with meeting new people. Again think about what interests you whether it's a sport such as hiking, running, swimming or skiing or walking reading, investments or photography most towns and certainly large cities will have a wide variety of clubs from which to choose

4 Host a housewarming party

If you’re hosting a housewarming party, add a couple more invites for your new neighbors. Make sure to invite as many people as you can from the neighborhood – you want to be inclusive, especially when you are new.

5 Get involved in church or Mosque

Although visiting a church or Mosque with a church / Mosque friend is usually easier than going on your own, you might not know any church / Mosque yet or you do know may not go to prayers regularly. That shouldn’t get in the way of your interest in meeting your neighbors or learning more about them. You will found that even they are excited to show off their place of worship and answer questions

You will usually get introduced to lots of incredible people who are deeply involved with church / Mosque activities, interfaith events or social justice endeavors.

6 Join a local Facebook group

Social media is a powerhouse for connecting individuals, including those who are complete strangers to one another. While you certainly don’t want to ‘friend’ your new neighbors without ever talking to them, you can use the platform to connect with others in the community who has similar interests. Conduct a Facebook search for local groups and community events. You never know who’s in your community until you make an effort.

7 Frequent local businesses

Instead of making the trip across the city to your favorite coffee shop, considering frequenting the one in your new neighborhood. This can be an excellent way to meet people from all over the community. Become a regular at local establishments to meet new neighbors who have similar interests. You may even find a new favorite coffee shop, reading group or dog park.

8 Attend Neighborhood Events

Every neighborhood has events whether it's a block party or a garage sale going on two streets over from your home. Regardless, look for signs, show up and start mingling. You'll find that the more events you attend, the more those new faces will become old friends and the more you'll be thought of as a local.