Find your house !

An open house is a crucial component of the home sale process. Start with these tips for staging an open house, but don’t stop there. Potential buyers are likely to inspect all areas of the house. Yes even your drawers, under the mat and closets.


1 The sides of your house

When you work on your   front garden and backyard, pay attention the sides of your home as well. Potential buyers will likely look at the outside of your house from all angles. One unkempt side may turn them off from the rest of the home. Make sure the paint, Garden, Fence and landscaping is in good condition from all sides.

2 Inside your Closets/Drawers/Wardrobes

Don’t stuff everything in your closets and hope no one will open them. Even if the potential buyers aren’t fashions enthusiast they may still care about closet space. Show it off by organizing it. You wouldn’t want a potential buyer to open a closet just to find disorganized clothes  or shoes  

3 Under your bed

Removing the bulk of storage from your closets is a great way to make closet space appear bigger, but that doesn’t mean your stuff should be shoved under the bed. Not only is it an eyesore but the potential home buyer might also see it as a sign that there is not enough storage space. Your best bet is to invest in temporary external storage space so that your open house has all the space it needs.

4 Inside the shower

Chances are no one wants a small, smelly, cramped bathroom. Create storage solutions that may make your space appear bigger and brighter to buyers. For example, stash toiletries, soap and cleaning supplies in a separate closet, a dresser or under the sink.