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Do you ever find yourself writing your blog or a social media post and wondering, “Am I doing this whole ‘content’ thing right?”

You’re making the effort to create valuable content, yet maybe you’re not seeing the results you desire. It’s a common issue, even for some professionals in the industry.

Doing it right requires the following:

  • Planning
  • Strategic vision
  • Time
  • Effort
  • Extra information on downloads

Top 5 Common Marketing Mistake to avoid in Social media in 2019

 1: Not Doing Enough!

Regulars posting gives your clients not only something to read about but also you are on top of their mind as the go to expert on the topic or industry you are.

A client will notice that you have not posted anything for some time and will assume you closed shop or you don’t take your business seriously, that is the message you are sending to your potential clients.

 Always bring consistency to your posts by establishing a set publishing schedule and sticking to it. Set a schedule that will not overwhelm you. Set a reasonable schedule that won’t eat up all of your time.

Bonus Tip:. Anytime a client asks a good question or you resolve a dilemma, that’s potential content that can help other people out there! Add it to the list and execute on it

 2:Un-Catchy Headlines That Don’t Get Clicked

In this time and age where consumers are bombarded  with content every day, its key to remember you are fighting for their attention and so is every one else. Never forget that. So when you’re writing a blog or a social media post, you’re fighting for their attention for their few precious minutes.

That’s why your headlines on blog articles and titles on social posts need to be more than a straightforward synopsis of the topic. As long as you’re taking time to create content, make sure it actually gets read by making it compelling for the reader!

What can increase the clicking rate?

You can start with   words like “Why…” “Top”  “solutions” “Avoid or “How…” to begin your headlines. Tap into the consumer’s thought process and see if what you write would cause you to click on the article.

3: Always have the “Wow” factor in mind

If you can’t impress you clients on the content you are reading trust me they will not return back. Don’t rush to finish your post so that you can publish it immediately, always “Under promise and over deliver”


When creating content, always ask yourself what you could offer that’s relevant to your topic and could add value for the consumer. If you’re writing a blog on home on  contracts and leases , give them a list of contacts and samples . If you’re telling people how to prepare their home for a viewing, give them a checklist they can download. That extra effort on downloads will surely make them came back.

 4: Failure to Encourage Engagement

Clicks shares, likes and comments push the social media post higher on its rankings .Always have a section that the audience can comment share like or download your content.

Another way is to ask an interesting question that compels people to reply and start a conversation, not just short answers.  You should always be there to answer any questions asked as you give your expertise. Those conversations go a long way toward getting your post in front of more people.

5: Misuse of Social Media Platforms

Understanding where your content will work best is one of the keys to maximizing your social media presence. Many agents/online personnel plaster everything everywhere or tend to focus too much on one platform.

Overall, you should strive for a balance of business and personal in your social media to give people a well-rounded view of who you are. (Remember, people prefer to do business with people they feel like they know.)

Below are ways which you can use social media to increase your presence:

 Instagram- Use  primarily for insights into your personal life and avoid any direct “sales pitch” type posts on the platform.

 YouTube -is best for educational content, market updates, highlighting local people and events, etc. Facebook -has become more utilitarian where everything from business posts to cat videos are appropriate.

 Twitter -Tailor content to real-time updates, thoughts, article and retweets blending a mix of business and personal.

 LinkedIn-should be solely business focused with an emphasis on sharing your knowledge to build your brand as an industry authority.