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The Author is Paul Nyamueya, a Real Estate Consultant, Blogger, Vlogger & Social Media Strategist at Ujenziplan, A Property Firm that deals in Real Estate. He can be reached at

I discovered the value of making simple repairs to home/property that blew my mind away. I was feeling like a pro when this young lawyer, intelligent, single with  well-dressed, pressed  suite  came to visit us at our offices in Westlands, Nairobi , Kenya .The way  we related plus talked about  work, social life and cases he was handling while begin careful not to mention names cause of confidentiality clause enthralled me.

“I was privileged to get a property through our family connections” Lawyer Mark Otieno Said “there is only one challenge” he paused, which create some kind of tension in the room “the house is completely ,run down, from the house paint, the drawers, cupboards are worn out, the floor has got different colors ,I mean it’s a total wreck!”

“Mark, all is not lost” I said calmly “I will be honest with you, it’s going to cost  a little bit but trust me  from a professional view it’s going to be worth it.”  I added “with the wright approach we will not only cannot only restore but also uplift the house, which will increase its chances of renting it out or selling it”

Below Are The Tips that I Was Able To Share With Mark

1 Worn-out paint or stained walls

“If there are any stained, chipped or dirty walls, repaint them” I started off “Your home needs to look up to date. Opt for lighter and neutral colors” I continued “they are the most appealing ones and will go well with future homeowner’s furniture.”

Point to note: Some homeowners tend to concentrate more on how the house looks on the inside and forget that the outside appearance matters never fall for these clients always look from the outside then inside.

 2 Old cabinets, wardrobes and hardware in the kitchen and bathroom

A lot of homeowners tend to overlook this fact even though it might look good to them, just ‘good’ isn’t enough.

“You need to create a wow factor and impress the potential buyers” I said calmly to Mark who had pulled out a pen and was writing down some notes. “Consider replacing the old kitchen cabinetry and installing new, modern ones –opt for cabinetry in neutral colors with metallic hardware.”

When it comes to vanity cabinets in the bathroom, opt for neutral-colored ones with granite or marble countertops.

Also install silver, bronze or gold hardware to make your bathroom look on-trend. Potential buyers ought to be wowed, therefore, pay close attention to details and take care of even the little things that might go unnoticed.

Your kitchen can be made more efficient by adding practical roll-outs to your kitchen cabinets and mounting wire baskets on cabinet doors.

“If replacing cabinetry is not in your budget” I added “you can still freshen up old cabinets by painting them white. Painting cabinetry takes a lot more skill than painting a wall so it is probably best to hire a pro to tackle this kind of work.”

3 Non-working appliances and fixtures

When you’re trying to sell/ renting your home, it is essential to make sure that everything is working correctly. Fix all leaking pipes, sinks and chipped/cracked tiles. If it’s a wooden floor have it painted then polished.

 Check out if any old appliances need to be repaired or maybe even replaced. The heating system also needs to be in mint condition and energy-efficient.

4 Old or worn out furniture

The practicality and functionality of your home are of crucial importance when preparing a home for sale/rent. Look around your house you can probably find some furniture that takes so much space or worn out, have a competent artisan look at it .

“Consider introducing some space-saving furniture like Murphy beds and tables” I said to Mark “fold-able sofas and beds with storage where you can keep your off-season clothes and extra bedding.”

5 Repair worn out floor and Tiles

 It is essential to replace or repair the flooring to give your home a fresh, new look. Consider refinishing your hardwood floors to refresh them.

When remodeling, see if there’s a need to replace your old ceramic tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen areas, this will make it look elegant and modern. Use some cozy rugs to cover the area in the living room and give it a sense of warmth and comfort.

6 Poor appearance of the exterior

The exterior of the house is the first thing potential buyers will see and you need to make an excellent first impression. You can achieve that by removing any clutter that was left outside and fixing what needs to be fixed. Look around your property and check its condition.

“Replace any broken fence, trim and level the grass, place strategically are the dustbin for garbage, there shouldn’t be any weeds around your property and the grass needs to be freshly mowed in order to give it a fresh look.” I advised Mark

 “Adding some new plants to your front yard is considered a plus , it will make your home look fresh and homey.” I advised

Important Thoughts

Preparing your home for sale/rent is not an easy task and there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account. However, taking the time to give your home a makeover by implementing minor fixes and making a few upgrades can surely boost your home’s price.

 I finished by saying to Mark    “incorporating my  suggestions in your to-do list, you’re sure to create a nice-looking, welcoming home that is going to leave a good impression and sell or rent faster.”

I was looking forward to me meeting Mark after a month to see what ides he had implemented from our talk.