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The Author is Paul Nyamueya, a Real Estate Consultant, Blogger, Vlogger & Social Media Strategist at Ujenziplan, A Property Firm that deals in Real Estate. He can be reached at

“I prefer advertising in the newspapers and doing flyers, this is the method I have used and it has worked well for me” that was my old friend Mack Njiru who has been in real estate since the beginning  of time. Are you among those people who feel that’ way?

Back in the day, marketing homes for sale/rent involved buying ad space in newspapers, displaying signs on site or using word of mouth. Through the years I have found myself listening, observing and begin engaged on  to online teaching about online marketing. 

Now there are countless avenues to gain exposure to buyers and sellers. Through social networks (which connect groups sharing common backgrounds and interests) you can reach a larger sphere of influence and extend your reach. You’ll save time and trips by utilizing existing technology and groups.

Here are a few of the basics that work in Real Estate Marketing:

1 Broadcast your home through you tube- Professional   realtors post videos of actual property walk throughs on YouTube, giving buyers a direct, first-hand look at new, house, upcoming or ongoing  construction developments that aren’t yet open to the public.

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2-Twitter enables realtors to stay connected with clients. They “Tweet” (or “post”) short updates with home sale statistics, home improvement tips and links to local events. And if you’re a buyer, Twitter is often the first place to hear about “Just Listed” properties or developer incentives.

  1. a) Always use an image: if you want people to see it: Tweets with images see a 5X higher engagement rate.

 b)Tweeting at people should be treated like talking to someone at a networking event: You don’t want to rush into the sale. Yet, you also don’t want to never start the conversation. On Twitter, you have to reach out and personally @ Tweet people. But you don’t want to try to sell everyone right away

  1. c) It’s about engagement: Twitter can produce leads for you. In fact, Realtors on Twitter typically see twice the number of leads. But it’s more about engaging, re-tweeting, replying, and exchanging information so that you start the sales process later.
  2. d) Have a complete profile: Make sure you have a complete profile on Twitter! I recommend a good headshot for the logo photo and a nice background for your profile.
  3. e) Share local content: There is nothing better than taking a picture and posting it on Twitter with local hashtags. People love to engage with material that is local.

3 )Facebook enables realtors to post links to properties for sale or rent and to share ideas with clients and other industry professionals.

4 LinkedIn is a networking tool primarily used by professionals in the corporate world. As a buyer or seller, you can read real testimonials and find trusted referrals.

  1. Add in every last detail about your business on your Company Page.- Your header image should include unique information about your business.
  2. Make your Company Page stand out from those of other agents-After filling in all of the essential info to your Company Page, think of ways to make optimize it further and make yours look distinct. Any visual content you create (as long as it’s informative) can help your LinkedIn page. Photos, images and graphics perform well on LinkedIn, this  provides another medium you can use to publish multimedia and advance your real estate social media marketing.
  3. Use the Advanced Search feature to find locals to connect with-When you stumble upon people of interest, don’t hesitate to send them a personalized message. The key to earning their trust and not annoying them is being genuine and honest. Tell them you’re always looking to connect with locals who may be in the market
  4. Join or create Groups to reach local community members
  5. Publish lots of interesting content — your own and others’.

 5) BuyrentKenya -, as you know, offers a comprehensive list of homes for sale,as well as neighborhood statistics and home sale trends. Buyrent Kenya vast directory includes real estate professionals, useful articles, and frequent updates to help you stay tuned into the market.

6) Blogs like the ones done by Ujenziplan-give companies an immediate and direct opportunity to provide readers with breaking news, industry insight, and new media. Realtors discuss new developments and market trends. Financial experts blog about legislative changes, rates, new programs and other educational topics.

By combining traditional marketing methods with social networking, you can maximize your exposure for selling your property, connecting with real estate professionals and finding real answers.