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Marketing your home is easier if you target the type of real estate market that exists the day you put your home up for sale. When real estate markets transition from seller's to buyer's markets, agents have to put a lot more time , money and work into selling listings/house/apartment.

“In seller's markets, good marketing can bring higher prices and in buyer's markets it could mean the difference between sold or expired” Explains Eric Mwanzia Founder of Casa Premier a Real estate firm based in Westland’s Kenya.”Good marketing might not sell your house, but it will make the phone ring. Because if buyers don't call, you won't sell.” Says Eric

“An unfortunate aspect of the real estate business is some listing agents wrongly believe that they should only spend money on advertising luxury homes. They don't really believe the smaller transactions are worth an additional expense. Don't hire an agent who thinks this way.” Warns Eric

Do you open emails from people you don't know?

Consider the emails you’re sending to your leads. Would you open them if they appeared in your Inbox? More importantly, would you respond or visit a website? Prospects these days have an inbox full of info and offers, most of which they will consider “junk,” and delete. This is why you have to follow the best practices to help your email outshine the rest.

 Readers don’t delete emails that interest them. Easy as that.

The 7 emails below will help you earn your way into their Inbox.

  1. The Introduction Email

We strongly suggest only emailing leads who have opted into communication with you. Otherwise it can feel like an invasion of personal space. This first email serves as the “welcome mat” for the rest of your email communication.

5 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Real Estate Team

Joining the right team can kick start a successful career in real estate. But before you take the leap, ask the right questions so that you know it’s a proper fit.

‘A team allows you to leverage built-in brand recognition and sphere of influence, as well as guidance from more seasoned Agents and Realtors. While the benefits are numerous, you don’t want to end up team that stifles your growth, takes an excessive commission split or just isn’t a good culture fit. Advises Joseph Karuga the C.E.O of Casa Premier ,a Real estate firm based in Westland’s when he visited our offices. 

“First it’s important to remember: don’t be afraid of asking a lot of questions. Joining a team is a big commitment that could affect the entire growth trajectory of your career. While it’s true you are “selling yourself” in these interviews, it’s important to interview them as well.” says Joseph

 So what kinds of questions should you be asking? Joseph Karuga highlights the top “must-ask” questions for any team interview.

  1. What is the team structure?

There is no one-size-fits-all model for real estate teams. The size and ratio of members will vary depending on the city, whether it’s a franchise or independent firm/company, the housing market, etc. Ask for a very clear break down of how large the team is, what are the various titles/positions  are available and who you would be reporting to. Additionally, what are the business goals for the team?

Situated 25 minutes’ drive from the Nairobi city center; Nordic apartments located on Muhuri road which enjoys   breathtaking greenery, amenities and Ambience.  There's nothing better to freshen up, relax you more you than the topography it offers.  

Why Nordic Apartments

  1. Value for money; High Returns on Investment
  2. Location and planned development around Nordic Apartments (Expansion of Waiyaki Way, North By pass expansion, inclusion in the metropolis etc)
  3. Serenity and Availability of basic utilities
  4. Accessibility from the main waiyaki way through to the apartments
  5. Increased urbanization and young management wanting to own or live in modern and accessible apartments
  6. Opening up of entire area of Kiambu to a new perspective .

Location topography

30 Mins drive to JKIA via Southern By pass

20 Mins drive to Westland shopping malls like  sarit center  westgate  plus 25 Mins drive to the city center

10Mins drive to:-

  • Kabete Vet Golf Club
  • Kianda School
  • Nairobi School

     20 Mins drive to :- Alliance High School, Kikuyu Campus


7 Easy Ways to Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back

Nothing eases the pains of moving out of a house with your full refund of the security deposit.

When you make sure you get your cash back with these expert tips.

Getting your security deposit back after you move may feel like an impossible feat, but it isn’t. Remember that your security deposit is essentially your money, so not all hope is lost when it’s time to move out.

“It’s the landlord’s obligation to return the deposit at the end of the lease” says Paul Nyamueya a consultant and blogger at Ujenzi plan a real estate Firm.

1 Know when you are moving in terms of notice

Take precautions when you move when you move out. To avoid getting charged for damage, use removable poster putty or removable hooks to hang things and use newspapers to protect wood floors from scratches. Paint the walls back to the original colour, this might need you engage painters.

For more information on how  to pack and move quickly  click on the below heading

7 Tips for Packing and Moving Quickly

2 Arenge your self well in advance

You know all of those rental-related documents you received when you moved in? Paul Nyamueya   suggests reading them thoroughly and keeping all of them in one place.

“Research the proper procedures for ending your rental agreement plus  comply with them,” he says.