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The writer is: Wendy Achieng, Communications and Community Engagement Associate - Jumia Classifieds Kenya Phone Personal no:+254723775614|Office no: +254708714395 | skype wendy achieng

The concept of energy efficient living and sustainable development are increasingly being implied in major cities across the world. Green housing is one of the branches of sustainable development.

Greenery is not only beneficent for the human body in outer areas but it also has its importance in the house as well. It has been suggested by environmentalists and architects that green spaces should be promoted to make a home environment-friendly, calm, peaceful and beautiful.

There are many concepts which you could come up with for your house in order to turn it into the green residence. Some of these concepts will provide you the added benefit of saving some money. It has been noticed that climate changes have made worst impacts. Temperature is always rising and we are facing many problems like floods, avalanches, the rise in sea level and quick snow meltdown.

Below are 7 ways to transform your home into a green residence and reduce your house maintenance costs:

Home gardening

This is an effective approach to make your home environment green and sustainable.  Home gardening will not just provide you enough greenery but it will produce many herbs and vegetables for your daily use. People are reluctant to incorporate home gardening due to lack of space for it. You might have heard about roof gardening which is becoming popular these days. You can make a bed for cultivating plants at your roof. Roof gardening will not damage your roof surface because it has a lower layer made for insulation purposes.

Install plants everywhere

The writer is: Wendy Achieng, Communications and Community Engagement Associate - Jumia Classifieds Kenya Phone Personal no:+254723775614|Office no: +254708714395 | skype wendy achieng

Ensure to take care of your house! After all, its the smartest investment one takes!

Buying a home is always considered a smart investment. A home is considered as a symbol of prosperity and capability amongst most of the Kenyan generation. Home yearly maintenance is not necessarily for individuals who own homes alone, it also applies to those who are renting homes and apartments as well.

We have tried to break down eight of the most important tasks that we feel every individual should carry out on a yearly basis:

Check the exterior drainage

This does not necessarily have to mean that it should be done on a yearly basis, whenever there has been a heavy rain. It is important to always check the areas outside your house and find ways of removing puddles created due to this. Puddles can be very dangerous especially to a family with kids as this is prime breeding areas for mosquitos which causes malaria. Malaria remains a major cause of mortality and morbidity in Kenya as more than 70 percent of the population. Outside exterior cleaning also entails cleaning the gutter as stray leaves can lead to clogging. 

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What is your target market and how would you say online house hunting has affected your business?

Currently, there are about 21.5 million mobile data subscriptions in Kenya; this accounts for 99 percent of all the Internet subscriptions in the country.

According to latest statistics from the Communication Authority of Kenya, there is an increasing demand in the usage of smartphones and data has been substantially driven by a growing number of tech-savvy, middle-class consumers.

“Our main target market is usually but not limited to mid and high-end income earners seeking to rent houses along the Lavington area,” states Eden Heights Sales Director, Evone Selvarajah.

The current demand in the Kenyan market is by consumers who are looking more into renting houses, especially individuals from the Expat communities. However, the need for buying properties is also steadily on the rise.

What has your experience with Jumia House been?

Since entering a partnership with Jumia House, we have received a boost in our business through acquiring leads on our properties listed on their website. Jumia House has provided us with excellent customer service experience, and we look forward to a positive partnership with them.

 Nairobi’s Real Estate prices have been on a continual rise of 25 percent since 2011. It has also been voted for as one of the top 10 cities to watch by the global real estate firm, Jones Lang LaSalle, out of 150 cities globally.

According to the Cytonn Real Estate review report, the sector recorded rental yields of 9.6 percent in retail, 9.2 percent in commercial office and 5.2 percent in the residential sector, resulting to an average rental yield for the real estate market of 8.0% compared to 7.8% in 2016.

With monthly website visits of approximately 2 Million per month and 200,000 monthly returning visitors on the Jumia House website, our platform has firmly established itself in the Real Estate Industry in Nairobi and Kenya in general.

According to the Jumia House analytics,

Most of the clients visiting our online platform are looking at the prospects of renting houses rather than buying of homes. This can be as a result of the increase in the population of Nairobi County, which stands at approximately 3.5 million according to the Nairobi City County website.

Why not invest in a modern house?

Modern homes have a very distinct difference from the rest; equipped with the best smart gadgets!

Internet of Things (IoT) simply put is the ability of two or more mechanical devices, uses an internet connection, to link together. This enables them to communicate with each other effectively and efficiently.

Home gadgets ranging from thermostats to ovens have become smarter, using sensors, data, and cloud computing to set ideal temperatures or cook a pizza according to your specifications.

Other evolutions in smart homes include the recent introduction of a bath tab that gives its users the “feel” of weightlessness, mimicking the natural position as experienced by Astronauts in outer space when they float in low gravity conditions.